Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Murder Mondays

Who killed who?
Who did it?
Was it you? 
No! It was you!

A friend of mine, Stephanie, have come up with a book challenge that will take place every Monday! What is the challenge you ask? To read a murder mystery of your choice in one day on any Monday of the month! That means you have four Monday's to do your very best to read your books! More will be updated soon! Stick around!! 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016


My name is Christopher and welcome to jackass my life.
I'm a sixteen year old Canadian who loves to read and looks forward to writing reviews.
Please stick with me as I design this blog more and make it pretty, I would like to have people read my thoughts on books as long as watch me talk about them! I'm a newbie booktuber and I want to market myself more and make more friends! So if you have any #tags to get me started, like get to know me tags and stuff feel free to tag me in them!